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Tiramisu cream

Tiramisu cream

Tiramisu cream recipe by of 11-09-2016 [Updated on 11-09-2016]

The recipe that I propose today is the tiramisu cream by Luca Montersino, it is a mascarpone and cream mousse, prepared with pasteurized eggs. The procedure to make the egg base is similar to that used for the Italian meringue, in fact a syrup of water and sugar is prepared, which when poured boiling into the bowl with the eggs, will pasteurize them making them safe because they are no longer raw. Furthermore, this base will be more stable so as to make the mascarpone cream more swollen and firm.
I really liked the recipe, the tiramisu cream is in fact greedy is gentle and can be used both as a filling for the classic tiramisu and served as a dessert in small cups with a sprinkling of bitter cocoa and accompanied by ladyfingers biscuits. This morning I am writing to you from Lazio where I decided to spend the weekend to bring Elisa to the rainbow Magicland playground, I happened to be with the hotel in a town called Palestrina and among the various things I tasted, I discovered some typical sweets that I will propose to you in the next days;) I wish you a happy Sunday and cross my fingers so that even today the weather graces us;)


How to make tiramisu cream

Put the water and sugar in a saucepan, mix and cook over medium-low heat.

Put the egg yolks with the vanilla essence in a bowl and whip on medium speed.

With the food thermometer, check that the temperature of the sugar syrup reaches 121 ° C.
Only then, pour the syrup, slowly, into the eggs and continue to whisk until the cream has cooled (it will take about 10 minutes).

In a separate bowl put the mascarpone with the fresh liquid cream then whip everything with an electric whisk.

Now add the egg cream in the bowl with the mascarpone and cream and mix with a wooden spoon with movements from top to bottom.

The tiramisu cream is ready, with a pastry bag made of tufts to be placed in the various bowls
Then sprinkle the cream with the unsweetened cocoa and serve with some ladyfingers biscuits.

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