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Watermelon and tomato soup

Watermelon and tomato soup

Recipe of watermelon and tomato soup of 08-24-2019

There watermelon and tomato soup it is, if we want, an original and lighter version of the classic gazpacho. After trying the gazpacho with strawberries I thought that different versions could also be possible, so here I am with another cold soup, always based on tomato, with watermelon as a substitute for pepper, cucumber and garlic. The result was amazing, a fresh and digestible but really good meal, perfect for the summer! Few ingredients and all cold to bring to the table a new and low-calorie dish, try it and then tell me :)


How to make watermelon and tomato soup

Peel the watermelon, cut it into cubes and remove the seeds.

Wash the tomato and cut it into small pieces.

Combine watermelon, tomato, salt, pepper and basil in a bowl and blend.

The watermelon and tomato soup is ready, season with a drop of oil, decorate with a little fresh basil and serve.

Video: Watermelon Gazpacho (October 2020).